With over 25 years of combined industry and management consulting experience, as Found Owners we work directly with a select number of clients, partners and co-collaborators on a variety of passion projects focused on building change strategies, advancing core change capabilities and strengthening organizational agility.

We pursue what brings us energy and always strive to create something meaningful for the clients and communities we serve.


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becoming a change capable organization

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Organizations that excel at change have competitive advantage over their competitors who struggle with change. Change capable organizations are positioned to succeed by capturing market opportunities, improving operations, and by implementing new products, services and technologies.

Developing an internal change capability, the ability of an organization to plan, design, and implement all types of change efficiently with committed stakeholders, enables a company to minimize negative impacts on its people and operations and ultimately, deliver maximum ROI.



A common approach to planning, a Strategic Plan & Roadmap is a time-based plan that defines where an organization is, where it wants to go, and how to get it there. Strategic planning is the process of defining an organization’s strategy, or direction, and how it will make decisions to allocate its resources in pursuit of this strategy. Point in the right direction.


An organization’s operating model is the vehicle for which strategy is brought to life. Companies with robust operating models post better financial results over time. These successful companies have set-up their operating models so that organizational structure, accountability, governance and employee behaviors all work together to support strategic priorities.


Based on industry research and benchmarks, there are key characteristics and capabilities that enable change agility in an organization. This research has produced a model, a ‘measuring stick’, that organizations can use to assess their own maturity against these capabilities. Leveraging a Capability Maturity Model, organizations can better understand the behaviors, practices and processes needed to enable reliable and sustainable outcomes. 

change framework & Playbook

Using a common change methodology across an organization is critical to building change capability through a common language, skill set, process, and tool kit. Creating a change framework, methodology, or infrastructure, involves the process of defining standard roles, templates, and methods of governing your change initiatives as well as the common practices for setting up, facilitating, and overseeing their effectiveness. 

Change talent strategy & planning

If an organization’s Operating Model is the vehicle to enable business strategy, then it is the organization’s talent that’s at the wheel. Alignment between talent and business strategy is critical to an organization’s success. Along with the understanding of the need to hire, develop, and retain talented people, organizations are aware that they must manage talent as a critical resource to achieve the best possible results.

change leadership

A commonly quoted statistic over the past two decades is that "70 percent of all change efforts fail to deliver their intended outcomes". But why? Is the failure rate due to change resistance, wrong intended outcomes, or because of poor change leadership? While the answer it is a bit of all three, the real offender is poor change leadership. The biggest mistakes in leading transformation are based on how an organization is designed (or not) to handle change. Organizations cannot afford change that does not deliver its ROI and therefore, developing conscious change leaders is perhaps the most important component to building a successful change practice.

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